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“At Lynda Elle PR, we communicate our clients’ messages in a style that connects emotionally with their consumers. We only give ideas that will generate results! We think differently and invite our clients to do the same – develop big ideas, elevate and tell a compelling story.”  

Media Relations

We are not big believers in blasting out press releases and seeing what coverage sticks. There is a time and a place for that. Our primary focus is on developing pitches, making tailored outreaches to individual reporters, producers and journalists, and securing organic editorial coverage that is strategic, targeted and valuable.

Social Media Marketing

Conversations in the digital space have become so important. We will conceptualize and implement your social media strategy on all platforms (including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to name a few) so that it is consistent and in line with your PR strategy. Typically, this will include content creation, blogger outreach and blogger seeding, and collaborations with social media influencers.

Influencer &

Blogger Marketing

We will work to foster and maintain relationships with the top influencers in the space and are on a constant quest to identify up & coming faces and micro-influencers for niche demographics. We match our clients with the right influencers who help to bring their products and services to life through social media in an authentic and engaging way.

Experiential Engagements & Special Events

Let’s create a branded experience that tells the story of your brand in a unique way that will excite the regional media, national media and your local community. Typically, with any PR campaign, it makes sense to create an event that will allow us to introduce your brand to key press, media and influencers in your industry. We will produce your press-worthy event concept using our traditional PR and social media PR strategies to maximize the exposure, results and value of your event.


We will communicate concepts and processes within your brand that meet the overall strategic goal. We asses and assist with internal communication planning and development ideally before a crisis or issue. We also prepare clients for public speaking through high-caliber exercises and resources.



We use critical thinking to protect and defend a brand, company or individual facing a public challenge. We develop corporate crisis communications plans, provide counsel and draft internal and consumer-facing messaging.

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